Eight organisations behind '6 a day'

6-a-day is a major project with the purpose of stimulating people to eat more fruits and vegetables. 6-a-day refers to the advised daily consumption of about 600 g of fruits and vegetables.

The slogan "6 a day – eat more fruit and vegetables" was launched in 1998 as a cooperative venture by a range of health organisations and authorities.  Bodies taking part in 2002 in addition to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Board, Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Horticulture, The Danish Heart Foundation, the Danish Cancer Society and the National Board of Health.

Information and development project
"6 a day" consists of an information initiative and a development project which works to test and document initiatives that make it easier for Danes to eat more fruit and vegetables.  This includes fruit and vegetable subscription schemes in schools, surveys of consumers' attitudes to frozen and processed fruit and vegetables and attempts to introduce more fruit and vegetables in canteens.


Prize to the "6 a day" campaign
In August 2002, the "6 a day" campaign won the "Columbus Egg" prize, awarded by the advertising industry in recognition of "an outstanding example of the fact that a broad cooperation between interested parties in both the private and public sectors is the way forward in the long, tough haul of changing attitudes and modifying behaviour".