The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration sees it as one of its objects to promote better food and a healthy diet. The vision is that fewer people should get ill from bad food or bad eating habits.

6 a day

6-a-day is a major project with the purpose of stimulating people to eat more fruits and vegetables. 6-a-day refers to the advised daily consumption of about 600 g of fruits and vegetables.

Danish dietary habits 2000-2001

Trends in the dietary consumption, purchasing and habits of the Danish population

Diet in a nutshell a taste for life

The project 'Diet in a nutshell – a taste for life' is an initiative intended to stimulate the establishment of a range of dietary schemes in schools and institutions

How much fruit and vegetables the danes eat

On average, Danes eat about 400 grams of fruit and vegetables. Read more about how much fruit Danes eat

Pregnancy and coffee

Women who drink large amounts of coffee during pregnancy double their risk of stillbirth compared to women who drink no coffee at all.

The Official Dietary Guidelines

Everything you eat and drink affects your body. Follow the Official Dietary Guidelines.

The vitamin and mineral content is stable

From time to time there are media stories to the effect that the content of vitamins and minerals in foods has grown less, and that this is due to the fact that the soil has become exhausted by many years of intensive agriculture.

Food supplements

Before selling food supplements in Denmark, any company must register the products that it wish to sell, no later than on the first day of marketing. Read more about how to register here